Youth Forest is Built to Sow Green Happiness—Youth League Branch of Shandong Branch Organized Tree-Planting Activities.
Release Date:2014-03-27 10:35:59

Spring is sprouting in March. On March 15, in response to the Youth League Committee of Yuexiu Holding Limited’s call for the themed activities of “More Dedication and More Happiness, Strengthened Commitment with Promotion—the Month of Lei Feng”, the Youth League branch of Shandong Branch organized over 20 League members and went to “Happy Farm” reserved nursery of Yuexiu Starry Sands in Yantai Development Zone for planting activities.

The youngsters were in high mood in clear weather and bright sunshine. Under the guidance of experienced workers in the nursery, they learnt digging tree pits, lifting from cellar, filling with the original soil, adjusting tree position, treading upon the root, cutting off the straw rope, irrigating and reinforcing to protect against wind. And they tried their best to do well in every step. After two hours’ effort, green and hope were added to Yuexiu Starry Sands project, and the young League members were filled with happiness.